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The Great Burn Study Group

Through education, advocacy and on-the-ground stewardship, the Great Burn Study Group works to permanently protect the wild and remote character and ecological integrity of the northern Bitterroot Mountains in western Montana and northern Idaho.

GBSG focuses on the preservation of a well-defined land base, leverages its modest resources thoughtfully, and invests in projects with a high probability of significant results. GBSG works hard to develop and support protective land management policies and the effective enforcement of those policies to preserve the wild and remote character, wildlife habitat, ecological integrity, and wilderness potential of the GBSG mission area.

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The Backcountry Horsemen (BCH) of Missoula and GBSG are partnering to remove trash and unwanted items from the Great Burn.  Each year, we have agreed to jointly complete one important project.  This year, BCH members removed 130 lb. of trash, including an old stove, from the Mud Lake area.  Thay also removed numerous nails from trees in the same area.  We’re thrilled by this partnership to keep the Great Burn wild!

Please share your field reports.  
We would love to hear about your trips into Northern Bitterroot Divide country.  Tell Beverly where you went and what you saw: 406-240-9901 or

GBSG field stewardship activities are conducted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and other generous donors.

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