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The Great Burn Study Group

Through advocacy and on-the-ground stewardship, the Great Burn Study Group works to protect wildlands in the northern Bitterroot Mountains in western Montana and northern Idaho.

GBSG focuses on the preservation of a well-defined land base, leverages its modest resources thoughtfully, and invests in projects with a high probability of significant results. GBSG works hard to develop and support protective land management policies and the effective enforcement of those policies to preserve the wild and remote character, wildlife habitat, ecological integrity, and wilderness potential of the GBSG mission area.

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Please check out the new poster of the proposed Great Burn Wilderness map here

Check out Sunday’s Missoulian article, “Great Burn hides charms, challenges on Montana border,” featuring GBSG board members Sharon Sweeney and Zack Porter here
Please continue to share your own personal field reports.  We would love to hear about your trips into the Northern Bitterroot Divide country.  Tell us where you went and what you saw: 406-240-9901 or


GBSG field stewardship activities are conducted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and other generous donors.


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